ongoing support


Your website needs to be hosted on a server so that it can be accessed 24/7/365. You can host your site yourself or Jelly Web Studio can do it for you for an annual fee. Most of our clients use us to host their sites once they are completed as it is more cost efective, we monitor the performance of the site and you can concerntrate on your business and not worry about the techie side of things!


Everyone wants to appear on the first page of the Google search results. When we build our sites we ensure that they are optimised for search engines in every way and we submit them to Google to be listed in their search results. However SEO is an ongoing exercise and it is important to monitor how Google views new content as you add it and how your site is ranked as a whole.

Jelly Web Studio can manage this crucial work for you. For a monthly fee we will monitor your site and continue to optimise your new content for search engines.

social media

Having a presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pintrest is now essential to help increase traffic to your website, to improve SEO and to build brand awareness for your site. Setting up and managing these profiles can be daunting and reguarly adding fresh content can be very time consuming. This is where we can help. Jelly Web Studio can manage your social media profiles for you from registering you on relevant platforms, managing interaction with your audience and updating your feeds with engaging content.

traffic monitoring

Your site is built and you are working hard to drive traffic to it but how do you know if your efforts are paying off? This is where we can help! We can send you detailed reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis detailing the number of visits you have had to your site, where they have come from, what content they have viewed, where the users are located, and may more insights. This data is crucial to help you understand your visitors and to drive more traffic to your site.